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Want to end an contract, will it affect my JSS

Hey there!

Last month, I took on a project for a logo and packaging at a discounted rate of $50. The client funded $25 for the logo, but it's been over a month, and I've submitted over 100 concepts. Unfortunately, the client hasn't provided clear feedback, and the new milestone isn't active or funded yet. The payment for the logo got released, but I'm contemplating ending the contract early with a 'project successfully completed.'

Do you think this will impact my job success score? Appreciate your advice on how to handle this situation.

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Yes, it will impact your JSS if the client rates you negatively. You should end it anyway. At this point, the very most you can expect to be paid is $.25 per concept. You can keep at it until you're down to a dime or a nickel a concept, but do you really believe that you're going to luck onto the one that satisfies him at 173 or whatever?

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