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What is Additional work cost not paid by client?

We are working on a project as a fixed budget of 25 USD. After starting work we realized that there is more work than the client said. We discussed with the client for that and the client agrees to pay more.


Now If after submitting the project if the client denied paying additional cost due to more work, What to do? Is there any way to avoid this situation?

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Hi Brijesh,


Sorry to hear that has happened to you. 


In future, make sure the extra payment is already funded in a milestone before handing over the work. He may have "promised" to pay you extra, but without actually having the money in escrow, the promise is just hot air. 


If the client changes his mind (I doubt it) he may send you a bonus. 

But the moral of the story here is make sure all the money has been paid into escrow by using milestones before you hand over the finished work.


Best wishes and good luck 



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In my experience the best way to handle this would be to get the client to setup another milestone for the additional work, then once funded and activated you can complete the additional work as requested.

Yeah... when additional work is needed, you require an additional milestone be funded, and then you wait until the client funds it.


Don’t budge. No work without a funded milestone.


EVERY intelligent client expects to be charged for work they ask freelancers to do.


GOOD, honest people will insist that you get paid and will fund new milestones or pay bonuses without you asking.


Dishonest people will try to get away without paying if you let them. Don’t let them. You will be doing their soul a favor by making sure they pay.

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