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Why I can't send message to the client first ?

Sometimes  the description of the job not clear or not completed or may I have some question to be cleared the view of the job or may I have a suggestion to the client 
I cannot send any message before the client send me one or send an offer 

so I can lost a connects just to submit a proposal and ask the missing in the cover letter there isn't any other way ?

I don't see that fair ,this point need improvment 


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I completely understand your frustration, however this is not something Upwork is going to change. One of the intentions with the new connect system (charging) is to encourage freelancers to be more careful with their outreach so clients aren't "spammed." 


By the same token, clients with poor job descriptions are going to find themselves with less options (hopefully) as freelancers decide their job post isn't worth their connect budget.

I can see your point and I agree with it ,

but it isn't always about poor job descriptions , sometimes I need to know the work size so I can make a perfect time schedule for milestones  or ask about some details to know if I can do that work or not 

I think it has to be some way to contact the client like write under the job post so freelancers can find if someone asked that before and the client can reply that once , it will be more helpful for both 


Again, I agree and I have the same challenges. What many have advised on these forums is to submit your bid as a placeholder pending further discussion. 


As for scheduling, ugh - I find it's all over the place as so much of my work depends on client feedback. So I can turn around a deliverable in 24 hours and then not hear from a client for 3 weeks :). It's the nature of managing your freelance business - and I'm not just "spouting cliches" I really do feel your frustration and wish a lot of this process was smoother.

The good news, with an engaged and responsive client, it is worth it!

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Mohamed E wrote:

I cannot send any message before the client send me one or send an offer 


This is one of the many things that bad freelancers broke for everyone. Elance allowed this at one time, and the harassment of prospective clients was so overwhelming that they had to eliminate it.

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