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Why Upwork still support discrepancy in client feedback

I'm really disappointed with JSS system ,I don't know Why there is a private/publick feedback? Why there isn't a system yet to verify the client/freelancer feedback?. 

What is the reason of having 5 stars public feedback if you JSS will be impacted with the private feedback ?and Why there is no dispute process to verify that feedback?. 





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Feedbacks have to be independent. There should not be any mechanism to "fix" them otherwise no one would bother writing a honest review or they would need "proof". The feedbacks are subjective. It's the users right to write whatever they think is needed without any need to justify it.

JSS is all about how happy you leave clients. It doesn't matter who it "wrong" or "right". 

The reason there's a private feedback is because most clients don't want to confront or educate the freelancer because a negative review would make the freelancer ask about it or start begging to change it. They are more honest in the private feedback making JSS a more honest about how the interaction with the freelancer went.

Freelancing is not only about delivering quality work. But also knowing how to handle clients in different situations and see when something is going wrong.

Hi Viacheslav K

Thanks for your reply, i understand what you are saying  and i have a specific and clear point , if there is discrepency between the public and the private why  public feedback exist then if it has nothing to support your JSS, why not to make all hidden. what is the point of having a "very supportive feedback"  and 1 client recommendation !! 


How to handle this client's behaviour , this is nothing related to busniess or even fair feedback. this is a double face / bad human behaviour which impact the rating system and my recommendation that this should be handled by the system. 


I'm recommending for having a dispute process if there is such a case your system ask the client why and based on what you provide different feedback , review the contract do something instead of just asking the freelancers to be slavers for the client wishes !! 

If there would be such a system all clients would give 5*+++ rating only to leave them alone. Like it was before JSS was introduced. 

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