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Why are my proposal not being viewed?

Good day. Is there a reason my proposals are not being seen by the clients? Even when I boost them it doesn't seem as though they are being viewed. Is there something wrong with my account? My profile are up to date so please can any Upwork moderator check that to confirm it.

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There could be many reasons for your proposals not being viewed by clients:

- Your proposal is not well written;

- Your profile is not what the client is looking for;

- You have no relevant experience for the job you're applying for;

- Job post was a scam;

- Job post got an avalanche of proposals, which discouraged the client from even reading through them.

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Hello Harmit, proposals don't get viewed for only three major reasons:


- The cover letter proposal doesn't appeal to the client.

- Applying for jobs that are not a good match.

- There are better suited freelancers applying for the job.


Have a great day!


Clients complain of receiving numerous proposals, with most being garbage. No client is going to plow through 40 garbage proposals to rea h the great one at #41. Or the client needs to wait on funding or other staff. They might not have the money now, or maybe they are ill or have an illness in the family. There are as many reasons as clients.

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There is nothing wrong with your profile. Many freelancers have noticed a significant drop in profile views, job hires and invitations over the past 6-months to 1-year, and especially over the last 2-3 months. 


Just keep submitting proposals to jobs for which you are qualified by writing great cover letters. The rest is beyond your control.

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I agree with all of the reasons here posted but there could be a zillion reasons more. I'm new to the platform and have been here a week.  I've applied for positions that I believed were a good match for the client. So far, a few nibbles and a small project. I can't complain even though I could.


Patience, tolerance, and ultimate success for all here!

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Hope someone answer this.


I have the feeling that I've been shadowbanned.


When I first started proposing I got 2 jobs right away and earned 1000$ in 3 days.


Then I sent another 40-50 proposals over 2 weeks most of which boosted with highest bid and custom message, I never copy and paste. 


80% of them didn't get viewed, I only got messaged from 2 places but didn't get any jobs...


Not sure what Im doing wrong, my profile is fully completed, I think the competition is too big.





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I'm new hete fairly . Saw that I was matched to jobs according to my profile but just one thing . I realised while we need to check on our experiences before applying if its a match most of the time, isn't it also fair that opportunity is given to leas experience job seekers who are genuinely keen & passionate and ready to learn? Also I've seen some ambiguous job posting with vague information about their requirements and what they do even from reputable clients. So in this case it would certainly help to minimise garbage applications if job seekers are fully aware what is the expectations from client . 

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