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Why i dont't get bage RT


What I need to do to become rising talant?

I filled my profile 100% comletness, run throught test, applyed to jobs.

I saw several prfiles in RT whithout any job in progress or jobs comleted

what the trick?

Community Guru

It's hard to say without being able to see your profile (which you have set to private), but you have a lot of grammatical errors and misspellings in this post--if your profile is the same, that could be hurting you.


RT also takes into account how targeted and well-constructed your proposals are.


I also believe, though I'm not sure about this, that verifiable expertise in your field has an impact, but since you've hidden your profile we can't see whether that's a factor or not.

As well as being 100%, your profile must be approved by Upwork before you can send proposals.

Thanks for detailed answer, and sorry for mistakes.
I changed visibility (don't know why it was private)
I will be appreciated if you'll take a look on profile and give some more advise  ))


You have some grammatical errors in your overview. I don't know whether that impacts Rising Talent or not, but it will impact client perception, so proofread that carefully and get some help with it if you need to.


Add a description to your job. The resume section indicates that you have several years experience in the field, but you haven't provided any detail about what you did in that position.


Target your proposals carefully. Choose only jobs that are a very good match for your skills and write a separate proposal for each one that responds to the specifics of the posting.


And, don't worry too much about Rising Talent. You don't get to keep it long, anyway--as soon as you have 5 or so jobs completed, it's replaced with your JSS.

Community Guru

The talent word is there for a reason buddy. I don't think pushing up a profile and sending proposals qualifies as talent. 

Community Guru

Correct spelling.