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Withdrawal Suspended



This issue is currently between life and death as I have my sick father in the hospital. I just tried withdrawing the funds in my Upwork account for my dad's hospital bills, unfortunately it says my withdrawal is currently suspended. Sometimes ago, I received a messages from upwork that I was supposed to refund some amount I was paid for the job I did for a client due to the client's bank demand. It was really frustrating because I worked for the money and the client didn't even pay fully for the job I did. And now I am still made to refund the half paid to me?


I rushed my dad to the hospital in the early hours of today. I didn't to make a withdrawal to sort out the bills. It's so so heartbreaking to find myself in this life-threatening situation. Do I have to watch my dad give up the ghost because of a restrict 


Hi Jonathan,


I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through with your father. I checked your account and it does look like you have a support ticket with the relevant team. If you haven't already please check their latest reply to you here and feel free to update your support ticket directly with the team as they are the ones who can best assist you. 


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