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Would love the ability to block all jobs from a client on the Find work > search

Ive been noticing a large amount of spam jobs making its way into the find work marketplace. Like the same job posted 5-10x. Or seemingly scam jobs saying to contact them via email posted repteatedly.


Would be nice if we could just block a specific client from the search results to avoid all that spam, especially from the searxh results page.


Like add an option to the thumbsdown menu: i dont want to see anything more from this client


There should be a report option in the same thumbs down menu too




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Yes, there are a huge number of scam and spam jobs that make it into our feeds. Read some of Renata's excellent posts about how to filter them out on our end after Upowork doesn't filter them out on their end, handing that off to us. https://community.upwork.com/t5/New-to-Upwork/Filtering-Job-Posts-Refined-Search-Term-and-Ways-to-Us...

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