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You got the contract!

I got the contract and we agreed on terms - now what?

Does the vendor notify Upwork about what we agreed and then the Work Diary takes care of the rest? Like keeping time, calculating earnings? Exactly how does it work?

Thanks for taking time to respond.



Thanks so much Robin. The informaiton was extremely helpful. dmd

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Congrats Donna!


The client needs to send you the contract. Once you review the details and have everything you need to being, then you accept and start. If this is a fixed-price project, you submit via the Upwork submission tool under "My Jobs". If it is hourly, you download the Upwork desktop app and have the tracker track you time and take screenshots of your screen while you are working on the project. 



Thanks so much Robin. The informaiton was extremely helpful. dmd

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Donna, if you see the job listed here:


Upwork.com -> My Jobs -> My Jobs


...then you were hired. Otherwise, you were not hired.

Thanks Preston. It was simply a meeting of the minds this morning. I have no reason to believe the client doesnot intend to follow through.  I just wondered whose court the ball was in to finalize. Your information helps. Thanks! dmd

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Skim through these official resources so you are aware of the various steps you'll need to follow to get paid, etc. Upwork has its own systems for a lot things that can seem a little different. 😉

Extremely helpful Tonya. Appreciate it very. much!.Between you and Robin, I think I have a pretty clear picture. Thanks! dmd

re: "I just wondered whose court the ball was in to finalize."


Ball is in client's court.


Client clicks a green button labelled "Hire" on their side.


Then you will click a green "Accept" button on your side.

That easy huh? Wow. Thanks.

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