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Your verification did not pass

I am requested to do ID verification again. So at first time I uploaded my national ID card and my home resident document. But resident document is not accepted. (In China resident document, the expiry date is in the second page so maybe this was problem but I am not sure. I uploaded the first page photo.)

At second time, I uploaded bank statement document again. Now it has been more than 24 hours but there is no response yet. If there is no response, my account will be closed tomorrow I guess.

Please help me to solve this asap.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Wei,

I can see you were able to reply to your support ticket with our team regarding this. Please allow some time for our team to review and they will update you directly via ticket as soon as possible.

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Hi Andrea,


How long it will take to get response? Now more than 29 hours is passed. Tomorrow is the 5th day after my account is suspended so I think Upwork will close my account tomorrow morning.

So if I don't get response soon, I have nothing to do resolve the problem.


Could you please help to resolve this?



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Hi @Andrea,

Nobody replies yet. Could you please check?

Hi Wei,

Rest assured, our team will update your ticket as soon as possible and will assist you further with your verification. Thank you for your patience.

~ Goran



Let me wait more...

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