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client asks for security fee in advance to start a project for freelancer.

Hy, if client asks for security fee to pan in advance to start project than do I need to pay or deposit any fee regarding securty fee. 

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I have the same problem. They emailed me then chatted on telegram. They send their terms and conditions. There is a registration fee for every project before stating. I notice one of the sent documents the employer must pay the registration fee. But the secretary said i was the one to pay. So i doubted. So i said sorry i cant do the jobs.

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You should never have chatted with them via Telegram. Or email.


That was a violation of Upwork rules.

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This happened to me too. The client asked me to make payment as a security fee before I get the project. But I think it doesn't make sense

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You should NEVER be required by a client to pay a fee to get a job. Period!


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