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how to start my first hourly job

i m lucky enough to get hired first time and now pls can somone guide mw how will it all start.hourly record of time and how would i keep record and send  record of time to my client.

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Hi Fatima,


Freelancers use our Upwork desktop app to log time on hourly contracts. It is designed for collaboration and Payment Protection. Everyone can use it to send Messages. To know more, please see help article.

~ Riri
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Yes, definitely get that app. You will load it up separately from the website and it will show up as a small window. Make sure the job is listed at the top and press ON! And OFF when you have a lunch break.

Just remember to do it. It sends all the information to Upwork and the client will receive it, you don't need to do anything. Don't go over your hour limit! And it takes screenshots every 10 minutes so don' t go shopping!


For messages, I just keep a browser window open.

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