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i can't withdraw my money.

hi guys,so i'm facing a problem when i'm trying to withdraw my earnings.so i'm linking it with payoneer account,but each time i'm trying to withdraw my money it get back to the upwork account and the payoneer account is disabled from upwork.i'm getting this email :

"We attempted to process your recent payment request but unfortunately it failed. SDN match. As a result, the funds have been returned to your Upwork account and we need you to update your payment method for future payments."

I'm not thinking to change my payment account so please help me .


Hi Mohammed,


I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble processing your withdrawal. A Customer Support Team member has reached out to you through this support ticket to assist you further with your concern.

~ Luiggi
Community Member

So I am facing the similar problem with both my Payoneer and Bank account. Everytime i try to withdraw this error occurs Kindly Help me out here 


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Hi Syed,


Thank you for your message. I see that you have already initiated a support ticket for the same inquiry. One of our team members will reach out to you via the same ticket as soon as possible to assist you further.


Thank you,



Hey Pradeep,
can you kindly check again the issue isnt getting fixed even after the support tried to resolve it. 
I am not being able to withdraw the funds from both payoneer and bank account. Everytime transection is failed, 

Kindly help 

Hi Syed,


I am sorry to hear about your account status. I reached out to the team handling your case and shared your report. One of our agents will follow up with you on your ticket to assist you further. You can access your support tickets here.

~ AJ

hi, i am having the same issue, i cannot contact nobody, the platform asked me several times to upload my docs, update my name, everything! and still cannot withdraw my earnings, i feel like upwork is kind of tricky with our money... anyone?

Hi Luis,

Someone from our team will reach out to you via support ticket in order to assist you further.

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