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i have completed 5 jobs on upwork so far, but not showing on my profile when i view in private

have completed 5 jobs on upwork so far, and i can see clients have given me their feedback as well, but when i view my profile in private tab, i don't see all 5 completed jobs listed there, why?


i have attached the screen shots, showing my profile as logged in and in private tab.

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Hello Ahsan,


I checked the screenshot attached to your post and it looks like you are checking your Upwork profile as a logged-out user. The purpose of our logged-out site is to give prospective clients and freelancers a feel for what Upwork has to offer so that they can decide whether to join our platform; it is not intended to reflect all the jobs and all the profiles available on Upwork. That's the role of the logged-in site, which is only visible to our registered users. Please note that some jobs are originally posted as private or visible to logged-in Upwork users only. Contracts formed based on those job postings will also not show in the visitor view of your profile for privacy reasons.


- Pradeep

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