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i see plus freelancer pacage is 14.99 usd and we get 70 connects by that, but in 12 usd we could purchase 80 connects , then why should we purchase plus membership when we are getting more connects in lower cost?

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Because you aren't buying just the connects. You get a custom link, the ability to keep your profile public indefinitely, the ability to see bid ranges, and a few other things that I can't think of off the top of my head

i see only seeing bid range will be a valid reason what else reason are there to purchase mamebership? also is there any yearly discount plan?

I mentioned four things, not one. There is no discount of any kind iirc.

Here's an exhaustive list of the perks: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211062888-Freelancer-Plus

tell me one thing, if i do not upgrade my profile to freelancer plus.

but purchase 80 connects by 12 usd, then my profile wont be active/public ?
i have not earned for last 2 years as i was not in upwork.

Your profile is set to private if you haven't earned anything in 30 days.  A private profile means you will not come up in a search.  Clients use the search functionality to invite freelancers to their job post.


If you email customer service, they will set it back to public.  Even if your profile is private you can still apply to jobs and clients will be able to view your profile.  


You don't NEED freelancer plus.  Some pay (like me) to see the high, medium, and low budget pitches; 70 connects automatically; and ability to set my earnings to private. 

So if support set my profile public will I come to search for getting the
invitation ?

Puskar M wrote:
So if support set my profile public will I come to search for getting the
invitation ?

Your profile will be searchable and you will be able to get invitations.  No guarantess you will receive invitations. 

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