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my payment information and bank account do not match because I own a company



My payment information and my name doesn't match because I own a company. I did a similar thing for another account, and now I need to register another account. (you'll see that both added accounts have the same name)


Could you please look into this? The new account I'd like to add is on my account info but with the error. 


Please let me know if you need anything from me. (I had provided relevan documentation before for the same company name, but can send it again if needed)




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I received an email from upwork, this can be closed. Thank you!

Hi Ahmet,


We're glad to hear it was resolved. Feel free to respond to your ticket should you need further assistance!

~ AJ
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Unfortunately the email sent by upwork isn't useful in any way. I can send a govermental document of the company showing that the company is under my name, but its not a recent document and was issued in feb of this year. 


Could anyone please reach out to me to help?

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Ahmet sir! I respect that you . your problem create that email .change the email password attached that account and change that account password.

Your account is hacked.

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