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my profile is not showing in odesk search results

I have worked more than 7000 hours with 5 start feedback. But when I try to search my profile with my skills (keyword) it is not showing even 50th page of odesk freelancer search result. Any body have same problem and what is the solution. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP


May be

This is called 'BUG' in programming world

I have the same problem, for example if I put from my title "Drupal Senior Developer" I can't find myself until 15 page (I didn't check more because a lot of irrelevant started to appear). Could you please suggest why does it work in so unpredictable way ? 

It works in an unpredictable way because you expect that it works like a Google search, and it doesn't.


You don't actually need to search for yourself. You already know where you are.


I get it that you want to be one of the first people who shows up in a search for you skills, but I don't think you can make that happen. You CAN contribute to your likelihood of getting invitations from clients if you work on having a high Job Success Score and a track record of successful completed jobs.


I get tons of invitations for good jobs, and I have not the slightest idea how Upwork's search tool works.

Hi Eugene,


There's a difference between searching with a freelancer and client account, plus a number of different variations of keywords that might be used, search filters, previous client searches and preferences based on their previous invite and hiring activity.


I ran a search with a client account using the same keyword you mentioned and found your profile on page nine. Please consider streamlining your profile in order to increase your profile visibility.


Hi Vladimir,
Thank you for your answers.
I thought if I put exact words (3 ones) from my title I will see myself in top 3 pages because after I can see a lot of irrelevant results. 
Also regarding the profile, I have almost 4500 hours of work, top rated and 100% Job Success good feedbacks, I thought is should also takes into accound in the search result. But instead I can see in top 5 of first page people with 61 hours with no completed jobs yet (and title is not 100% accurate). Do you think it is a fair search result?