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newbie here and have suspicious notification


I am a newbie here and have applied for 5 jobs.  One job contacted me but is suspicious--asks me to open a file to look at to help explain what they want.  I would have expected that the person ask questions about my experience and/or to set up an interview but those were NOT asked.


The person has has prior jobs, interviews, and hires on upwork so looks legitimate.  I am very well suited for the job with the particular skills they want.  They say ther name in upwork where it details the info about them, not in the posting (don't know if that is okay or not but it is there).  I googled the person and their job posting matches their occupation, industry, etc.   How should one handle this?  What would you do next?  Thank you!

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What type of file is that?

They are asking me to open a google doc.

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Like you, I would expect the client to setup an interview to ask questions about your experience and your understanding of their job post.


I'm always leery of files being sent to me, so I would be cautious about opening it--even if the client's Upwork and office profiles seem legit. There are a lot of folks who appear genuine, but they are genuinely trying to deceive you. I'm not saying that's the case here, but the request to open a file creates concerns for me.


I would message the client and tell them that due to the proliferation of malware and viruses, you don't open files of any kind unless trust has been established.  However, you would be more than happy to join a Zoom call here on Upwork to discuss their needs. (Or something like that.)

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By the way, I know you're new to Upwork and I suspect freelancing via Upwork won't be your main source of income, but there is no way that someone with your pedigree should have an hourly rate that low. I just looked through 30 profiles of freelancers in the same niche as yours, but most don't have the background and expertise you have, and the lowest hourly rate I see is $50.00/hr. At a minimum, your hourly rate should start there.


And, you definitely need to add more substance to your summary. There is a very good chance that the response you receive is legitimate, but scammers often target new freelancers with incomplete profiles.


When you get a minute (meaning, really, really soon!) read the Top Red Flags for Scams from Wes, and you will see a number of similar and not so similar scams that you may encounter on Upwork.

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Thank you so much for looking at my profile. It definitely needs some work and I appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you for your suggestions on how to respond -good ideas. 

I have read most everything I can find in upwork about scams.  My situation doesn't fit any of the listed scam items, just seems odd.  Again, thank you!

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