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no reply on proposal:


I sent two proposals today as soon as the job was posted; they were viewed at that time, but there has been no response. I would like to know the reason for not receiving a reply to my proposals.And if even after waiting the whole day there is no reply, my connects will be wasted, and the proposal only received views with no response. In this situation, what should I do?

I check the client's activity and the job's details before submitting a proposal, making sure to maintain a balance between the number of proposals and interviews. However, even after getting views, there is no response.

Please give me correct solution .


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They may see your proposal, this doesn't mean they will hire you for sure. In this case they have seen your proposal but havent hired you yet.


I have sent several proposals in this manner that have been viewed, but there has been no response. Some proposals have not even been viewed. In this situation, what should I do to be hired? Please help me.

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