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top rated

why im top rated in upwork without benefits 


Hi Ammar,


I see that you are currently Top Rated indeed. Would you mind elaborating on what benefits are you currently missing from the program? 



~ Luiggi

Hi Ammar,


Thanks for following up. Regarding your concern with the perks of being a Top Rated freelancer, you'll have the ability to request for feedback removal. If you are hired to a Featured Job, instead of paying 20% on the first $0-$500, you will only pay 10%.


Lastly, you'll have the opportunity to be invited by our talent specialists. The Talent Specialists may highlight jobs for you based on your listed skillset and availability and send you invitations to submit proposals on behalf of the client. To participate, you don’t need to do anything except having a history of success in the skill category and available for a participating client’s job. This means you can spend more time working and getting projects done and less time searching and sorting through job posts.

~ Joanne

ok first  If i  hired to a Featured Job, instead of paying 10% on the first $0-$500, i will  pay 20%.

so you didn't change it after i become Top Rated


Seconed: i didn't receave any invetation after i become Top rated

so tell me please why i didnt have the Benefits of Top Rated

Hardly any projects are "featured" (clients have to pay for this), so it's no surprise if you haven't seen any yet. Top rated freelancers still pay the 20 percent fee for other new clients. I think I've only gotten a featured job once, and I've been top rated for years.

There's no guarantee that you'll get lots of invitations, either. There are thousands of top rated freelancers, so you won't always appear at the top of the search results or be the person who's best qualified for the job.

If you just became top rated, you will need to be more patient and continue to build up your business.

ok ... thank you  Christine and thank you all

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