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Welcome to Groups!

Welcome to Groups!


Throughout 2022 and beyond we are launching Community Groups, online hubs where our Community can connect in even more meaningful ways. Groups are places to help everyone build up their business, and each other, because investing in each other is good for business. We hope group members are proactive, positive, connect with one another, collaborate, share stories, advice, articles, resources, and genuinely find an online home with a deep sense of belonging and Community. Like most things of great value, what you put into it may also reflect what you get out of it, so jump in and engage!


The groups span 3 different categories: Industry, Location and Interest. Now let's dive into a little bit more about what that looks like:


  • We are also excited to connect like-minded professionals working in the same landscape with Industry groups, such as specific groups for Designers, Writers, IT professionals and more.
  • We’ll get curious and have some fun in Interest groups where the Community may be talking about re: Crypto, Gaming and maybe even the Metaverse.
  • You may be seeking a location-based community to connect with those in your city, state or region of the world.

We are a mission-driven company with a big heart for creating economic opportunity and improving lives. We are the World’s Work Community -- The destination for all talent to network, learn, and grow.


We’re so grateful you’re a part of it, and we’ll see you in a Group!