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Issue with purchasing Connects. "Sorry, we couldn't charge the billing method you selected."

Some users may experience issue with purchasing Connects. 


Error message: "Sorry, we couldn't charge the billing method you selected. Please try a different one. If you still need help, contact customer support."


Screenshot of the issue: 



Our engineers are aware of this issue and they are working as fast as possible to resolve it. We will update this thread as soon as we have more information. 


Edited to add:


Hi All,


This issue is resolved and we will be closing this thread from further comments. However, if you still experience the issue mentioned on this thread please let us know by posting in Community Support section and we will be happy to assist you accordingly.


Thank you.

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I am a new user on Upwork and this is very disappointing! 

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yeah its very big gltich on uppwork. i got this error from jan. and still people facing this error

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upwork this is the major issue . i dont know where is the problem. in your payment gateway or in upwork. but you need to fix it asap. i tried 4-5 cards and still same error. your support havent sufficient knowledge about this issue.

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Just the same situation (

Seems like they unable to solve the issue for more than a week.

The service is not well

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Same issue.

Whats going on? Im loosing job!

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Just a note regarding this payment issue, we've had the same thing on paying for both fixed price and hourly jobs. Try deleting and re-entering the card, anytime you see a card that has been declined (for any reason) you also have to go in and reenter the CVV to 'reauthorize' (or delete and add back)I believe customer service/chat also has to do some cache clearing before you do so. This worked today after seeing this over many months, finally resolved I think. 

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The problem still exists.
I am getting the same error

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I am also facing the same issue, can you please help me to resolve this issue?


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I'm getting an issue with my billing method being declined when trying to pay for a project on Upwork. I attempted to pay via my card, but I received an error message stating that my billing method was declined.
I've checked with my card, and there are no issues with my card. Therefore, I believe this is a problem on Upwork's end.
I would appreciate it if you could please look into this issue and help me resolve it as soon as possible. Please let me know if you need any further information from me to resolve the issue.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.