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Job Posts with Verified/Unverified Payment

You may be seeing some Job Posts where the preview shows the client's payment as unverified, but the full view of the Job Post shows the payment as verified. Our engineers are aware that this is happening and they are working on a fix.


In the meantime, we can confirm the information within the Job Post itself is accurate. Meaning, that if the Job Post indicates that the client's payment method is verified, then you can be sure it is verified.





We'll let you know here as soon as we have more information.


Edited to update information. 2/15/2024


We would like to let you know that this issue is resolved


Thank you for your patience. 


Hi Jelly Ann,


There may have been some latency issues here as what also happened with other freelancers a few months back but it should resolve itself. Nevertheless, we'll take note of your report and look into this further so we can improve your marketplace experience.

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Thanks and I hope it will improve.

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Hello Upwork Community and Support Team,

I've been encountering a recurring issue on the Upwork platform that I believe needs immediate attention, as it's impacting the decision-making process for freelancers like myself.

Issue Description: On the job listings page, there appears to be a discrepancy between the initial job summary and the detailed view. Specifically, many job postings initially indicate that the client has an unverified payment method and has not spent any funds on previous projects. However, upon clicking into the details of these jobs, the information is contradictory, showing that the client actually has a verified payment method, a history of spending on the platform, and even possesses ratings from previous engagements.

Impact: This misinformation in the job listings is leading to confusion and potential missed opportunities, as freelancers may overlook these jobs based on the initial, inaccurate summary.

Request for Assistance:

  1. Could you please investigate the cause of this discrepancy?
  2. What steps are being taken to ensure the accuracy of information in job listings?
  3. Is there any advice for freelancers on how to navigate this issue in the meantime?

Attached Evidence: I am attaching screenshots of various job listings that highlight this issue for your reference.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter, as it significantly affects the freelancer experience on Upwork. Looking forward to a resolution and any guidance you can provide.

Best regards,
Asad ali

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I have been seen this glitch for the past several months and keep on complaining about it with Upwork. But they never bothered to solve it. Instead they always replies with their usual copy/paste templates.

In "Find Work" in the main "My Feed" option, it shows a job post from a customer with "Payment unverified" with $0 spent.

But the same job when I open it to see the details or when I check it in the "Most Recent" tab, it shows "Payment verified" with $1k+ spent and that customer has posted over 15 jobs so far.

Why this difference? Normally we browse jobs in the My Feed tab and there are chances we miss the payment unverified with $0 spent jobs. 

Upwork asks me to clear cache / try different browser which I did many times. Still the same problem.

Did someone else also experiencing the same?

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Why is it that when I search for the client's name, their payment method appears as unverified, but when I view the client's details, it shows their payment method as verified? There seem to be inconsistencies. Can I trust the client's legitimacy?

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It is known old bug. Current state inside job post.

But in any case you cannot trust "verified" clients. Only lazy scammer still unverified: current verification cost an $2 and mean nothing.

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I find only payment verified jobs on nx/find-work/ page.

Some jobs show 'payment unverified' and '0$ spent' on the list of jobs, but when I click on it to see its details, it shows 'payment method verified' and 'phone verified'.

I am confused.

Which one is correct info?



Hi Oleksandr,


Could you please try again after clearing Cookies and Cache on your browser? You can also try using a different browser. Feel free to message us if problems persist.


- Pradeep

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Sorry it is not solved.


Could you please check this job posting?


Hi Oleksandr,


I'm sorry for any inconvenience this is causing. This is an issue our engineers are aware of and working to fix. We can confirm that the information within the Job Post itself is accurate. This means that if the Job Post indicates that the client's payment method is verified, you can be sure it is verified. Please check this page, as we'll post an update on it as soon as the issue has been fixed.