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Withdrawals not reflecting on Paypal account

We are investigating reports of Paypal payments not reflected on the account. We know how important it is for you to receive your PayPal withdrawal as quickly as possible. In most cases, payment transfers between Upwork and PayPal occur immediately; however, there are occasions when it may take up to 24 hours. We are currently working with our payments team to look into this matter. As soon as we receive updates, we will update this thread.

Community Member

Today I've requested to withdraw my Available money but it says "Transaction is due and has not been paid'

Can someone help me with that?

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Yeah, i got same problem with Paypal(usually money arrives instantly).

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Hi! I transferred my funds from Upwork to Paypal and it reflected in my Upwork account as my $119.50 turned to $0.00. However, upon checking my PayPal account, I have $0.00, which means that it has not been transferred yet. I have done this transaction several times, and this is the first time that this happened. Any idea on what I should do? Thanks.

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I all I did a upwork withdrawal tonight at 8 like I always do and got confirmation email from upwork that I withdrew however paypal is saying they never received the payment? This have never happened in my 2 years of working on upwork normally it is instant?

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Hi, I just withdraw my funds to my paypal today and haven't received the money instantaneously like last week. I have $0 in my account after I did the withdrawal of funds with amount of $132 ($2 for the fee) and My paypal didn't received it. I was wondering if someone could help me about this. Thank you!

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Hi. Was this resolved? 

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Today I've requested to withdraw my Available money with paypal transfer, however, I saw that there is a message saying ''Transaction is due and has not been paid'

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Hi. Usually it only takes minutes for payment to appear on my Paypal Account after Upwork Withdrawal, but now it's different. It's more than an hour and pament is still not on my Paypal account. Can I request for a trace? Thank you. 

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Same here. Withdrawn earnings did not arrive in my Paypal yet. What could be the problem? Have you contacted support already?

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Hello, My PayPal is linked to my Upwork account. Usually, when I withdraw it will reflect right away to PayPal now I did a withdrawal and I still didn't get anything on my PayPal account. Please help, Thanks!