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Aug 22, 2023
The “6 P’s” of Upwork

In this mini course, Temi walks through a framework that she calls the “6 P’s” of Upwork in order to help you be more successful on the platform and to avoid common mistakes that others often make. According to Temi, the “6 P’s” of Upwork include:

  • Product
  • Platform
  • Profile
  • Portfolio
  • Pricing
  • Proposal



UP Next

Now that you know the importance of each of the “6 P’s” on Upwork, take some time to edit your profile, add to your portfolio or even adjust your pricing.


This mini course was created by Temitope O.

Temi headshot.pngTemitope is an Expert Vetted Upwork Freelancer. As a professional specializing in HR-Tech, Talent Acquisition, and Technical Recruiting, she has unrivaled expertise and has achieved great personal success. She has also become a trusted mentor, training over 70,000 individuals to work on Upwork like pros.

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