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Any tips on landing the first gig besides the usual?

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Asher K Member Since: Jun 8, 2019
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Hello! 👋

This isn't the first post on this topic and isn't going to be the last but would appreciate some advice on how to proceed...


I've burnt through half my connects and nothing so far, and they were right on the mark too. I'm not sure whether it's my pricing or the way I've written my proposal/profile.


Well, I'm going to have to be quite careful with my connects now - anyone got any tips besides the usual - bad English/grammar, poor job choice, etc.


I've searched through the forums, read the guides, looked at expert profiles, etc.

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Michael S Member Since: Aug 29, 2017
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"The usual" advice is given so much because that's what it takes. Persistence, discretion, research, tenacity, etc.


There's no "magic" tip or great secret that will make you more likely to land a gig than anyone else. If there were, everyone would be using it.

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Asher K Member Since: Jun 8, 2019
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By usual advice, I literally mean that of improving one's literature skills or finding a better job to pursue. 


I know there's no secret, but surely there's something I'm doing wrong specifically?

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Not necessarily. It takes time. And that could mean weeks or months.

Be selective with job postings and use your connects sparingly.