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Bookkeeping client

I have been in upwork for sometime now and I have submitted proposals etc and nothing . Can someone please look at my profile and let me know what I am doing wrong or some sort of positivity . Thank you so much !!
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How does one find the tests on upwork?

Hi Hil,


Our skill tests were removed back in 2019. The prior skill test results were also removed from freelancers profiles. Thank you.

~ Goran
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I'm sorry about your situation.  I'm now worried that I won't succeed in attracting bookkeeping clients either.  Do you have a degree?  I haven't finished college yet, but I may be able to get a QuickBooks certification.

Hi Yetunde ! Thanks for the reply ! I have about 110 credits towards my degree in business . However I never finished . Long story . I started the Quickbooks pro advisor and am
Almost done with testing but frankly I’m gettting rather dismayed . I hear you and am there if you need to chat 🙂
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Your profile needs work. Look at other bookkeeper profiles and see how they stand out. "Maintain" and "Balance" in front of every sentence is a complete bore. 


If you want to make any money here, you have to provide reasons why a client should hire you over the thousands of others who are just as qualified but who are Top Rated freelancers working on the platform for years. 


Good luck!

Thanks robin for the reply ! I will take a look but I’m not exactly sure how to view other bookkeepers profiles . I really appreciate your help !!
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