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Brand-new freelance writer requesting profile review

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Kat C Member Since: Jul 11, 2016
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Throwing in my .10 per word here...


This is not the place to learn academic writing (nor technical writing, but I understand that's not the writing genre being discussed at the moment).


Regarding your hourly, I don't comment on what others choose as their numerical valuation for their offerings. I can only refer to why I charge what I do for a specific brand of writing and editing. 


With respect to the comment of not seeing the value in other people charging a certain amount (e.g. $30/hr)....


Well, my rate is far higher than yours and it's paid by my clientele. If they didn't see the value in paying that rate, then they wouldn't pay it. But, they continue to do so, and here we are!


However, considering the differential in experience (and other weighted variables), this is logically the case (and I'm not going to walk through a cognitive task analysis on the matter). 


Best of luck to you!