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Cover Letter

please give me professional  and attractive cover letter

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@Prince K wrote:

please give me professional  and attractive cover letter

 yeah, that's the thing. You should not use one cover letter for all proposals, clients can see right through copy/paste. 

Your proposals should be tailored to the specific project or task. It should highlight why you are the best person for the job. You need to make them individual and give them your personal touch. 

@ Prince --


Here's another thought:  If you want someone else to write for you, the correct approach is to advertise that desire as a job and to pay the person who does the writing. It is generally considered rather rude and presumptuous to address a group (forum) of people that includes a significant number of professional writers and to say "give me" any writing. It is a particular faux pas to demand: "give me professional" writing.


I would not walk into the coffee break of a session at the American Orthopedic Association's annual convention and say: "Please diagnose my arthritic hip."

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