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Didn't added the payment into my account.

I completed 6 hours of work and the contract ended. But payment didn't added my account. I got a 5-star review but I can't see it in my profile. Can you guys please help me?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi MD Touhidul,


I checked and it looks like the funds are in the 'In Progress' tab of your Reports page. Please note that this includes hours logged for the current work week. They will be automatically sent to the client for review Sunday night UTC (the close of the work week). 


As a freelancer, your billing period for hourly contracts (except for contracts that use Upwork Payroll) begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Your funds are available 10 days later. You may want to check out this help article to learn more about the billing cycle.


The feedback will show up on your Work History once the payment for the contract has already been processed according to the weekly billing cycle I mentioned before.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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