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Hi, I'm a newbie freelancer here in Upwork. I've been working since Monday (June 6th) and today is Friday (June 13th). I wonder when can I see my earnings then, is it this week or next week? Please help me answer my concern. Thank you


Hi Areane,


It looks like this is your first contract, congratulations! 
Since this is an Hourly Contract, you are paid based on the Weekly Billing Cycle:


Week 1 – You log time using the Upwork desktop app and Work Diary.
Week 2 – Hours within the weekly limit invoice to your clients on Monday. They have until Friday to review the work. Then the review period ends.
Week 3 – Earnings become available on the following Wednesday.


Your client doesn't need to manually verify the work you completed, they can only file a dispute during the review period. If no action is taken on their end, your funds will be released to you as detailed above.


Hi Andrea,


Thank you for your reply.


Does it mean that my first payout will be released after 3 weeks of working and then afterward will be regularly weekly?



Yes, Areane, that sounds about right! You can track the progress of your funds in Reports > Overview.

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