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How to purpose offer to new client ?

Hi All

I did the job for a client on Upwork now she is asking to send a milestone or purpose offer for the payment but I am not getting to understand where to send this offer. it's my first time with her. Thanks

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Did you send a proposal to a job post?


How did you send the work if you were not hired?

Probably in messenger. There likely was some conversation going on there. 

Sometimes freelancers think when the client tells them: you are hired in messenger, they are. 

in fact few months ago i sent proposal on her job but she got completed fro someone else but this time she texted me and said please help to do the job, so i completed that and now she asking to send propose offer. 

Go into the old contract and create a proposal from there -> propose new contract.

No old contract available with this client

If this is not a former upwork client of yours, you can't send an offer, only a proposal. Tell the client to send you an offer. 

Hi Waseem,


I believe you might be referring to Proposed Contracts. If so, you can find information on them here


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Did you send a proposal to a job work???

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