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I have my bank Account connect to Upwork Can i connect My brother Payoneer Account Too

So I will Create my own bank account in a couple of days and I will connect it to Upwork Too after I have connected my Bank account can I also Connect My Brother Payoneer Account Because I need to pay for my IDE(software) and games Through Payoneer and I don't want to create another One Since We Both have Been Using That Same Account for Some Time. But I work Hard on my profile To Get It Up and Running I got 90 JSS so I don't want my account to be banned or Suspended is That Possible can i connect my own bank account and my brother Payoneer Account To upwork


Hi Bilal,


Please know that you must use your own registered and verified Payoneer account. For more on Payoneer withdrawal timing, fees, and restrictions, click here.


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but I don't want to create another payoneer account we already have one I don't want to pay additional fees for my own payoneer account right now I transfer payment from bank to payoneer to pay for my subscriptions  but I thought I would be a little easy I could Directly transfer some money to my brother payoneer account 

- Bilal

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