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Is JSS score tied to client or contract?

Is the JSS tied to the dormancy of the contract, or to the dormancy of the client? For example, the client isn't "dormant" but one of their tasks/contracts might be on hold for a while other tasks are active -- Is it ok to leave that inactive contract open for a while, if the client is still actively using the freelancer on other jobs (indicating satisfaction with the freelancer)? Or best to close down any inactive tasks with the same client?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Stefanie, 

Your Job Success Score calculation includes multiple factors such as public and private feedback, long-term relationships, contracts without feedback if they represent a significant portion of your overall contracts, etc. If you want to know how idle contracts affect your score, you may check out the Frequently Asked Questions of this help article for more information. 

~ Avery

Thank you for that resource! Yes, it certainly seems that idle contracts are generally considered negative. I am just wondering if contracts are considered "idle" if there are separate active contracts with the same client. If JSS calculates idle contracts negatively as an indication of an unsatisfied client, it would seem the client's continued use of the same freelancer (albeit on different projects) might outweigh that? 

Stefanie, yes, individual jobs contribute to JSS calculation, and if a job doesn't have recent payments, it will become counted in your score.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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