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Is this legit?

I submitted a proposal for a job claiming to be a mystery shopping type job for people with children to do trial classes with different online tutoring type companies and send a recording of the class and any interaction with the company. They sent me info about a company to try and get a trial class which I have not been able to do because the company's site is not working properly. But what made me think maybe this is not right is that the job is not showing up in my active contracts only in my active proposals. It says that their payment is verified but I am worried that if I am able to do the class and send the info in the message without my proposal being accepted and showing in my active contracts I will not get paid. This is my first job I am attempting to complete.

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For me there are red flags, but I would simply send a message to the client that you are unable to access the website and that you must have a formal Upwork contract in place before you can go any further. In any case, communication off site before a contract is in place is against Upwork's ToS. So I think you would be advised to leave this one alone.  Never do any work unless you have a proper Upwork contract. 


Does this client have any history? 

Thank you for your reply. I wrote to the client asking if they had accepted the proposal and explaining that it was not showing up in my active contracts and they sent the contract invitation right away–it must have just been an oversight on their part. Also, I had read that communicating offsite without a contract in place was against the TOS when I signed up so there was no communication offsite, all communication we had was through the site. Thanks again.

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