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My First Client Started off well but in the end keeps on adding work more and more

Hello, I'm Shaw
I just started upworking and got my first client. Since we had a best beginning as in one of the eraliest messages he said. 
"thankyou for your hardwork, will hire you again and give a stellar review"
After that since the work he wants to clone a Tinder app. 
Should have a Chat feature
Should have profiles
Should have settings page that needs to change and store profile picture and other.
He asked me to complete all of this by the weekend. 

I completed all these features (With some UI glitches) till Tuesday and sent him the build. 
Since he tested the build and came upto me on Friday that 2 more features are remaining. He showed a demo video in the very start and later said i have lessen your your work by removing those features. And now asks me to do those features again. 

Tell me should i get black mailed by him because he is my first client and would give me bad rating? Or should i end the contract because i do not concern about the money but more about the respect and justice. 

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Because he is your first client my advice is to talk with him again and try to find solution. Since it's your first job it's very important to have your JSS high, and if you get bad rating, that could have impact on getting other jobs for some period. Closing down would probably mean that you will get bad rating so you should try to do those features again. I know it's unfair but think of that as main gate to big house. Gate is very heavy but house is beautiful, once you get that job done and become top rated after some time, you can do as you wish.

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