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Need information

Hi, I'm new to UPwork. I have two questions for you:

1/ how do I complete the certificates in my profile?

2/ what are the tips for getting your first job at UPwork?

and finally I thank you all

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Hi Sarhane!


First, you should work on your profile. Your cover does not have anything in common with skills you have added. You are describing yourself highly experienced and educated engineer and researcher but you have added skills related to pdf and docs.


Second, you should clearly describe what is your main field in engineering. The chemical, energy, and mechanical engineerings do have an overlapping area, not sure about civil, so I am guessing you are a chemical engineer. You should write your expertise a little better.


Good luck!


It's true everything you notice but it's true I have diverse
experience in the areas you mentioned

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Follow the instructions of the Certification section.


Click the above Academy link for how to obtain that first Job.

Thank you very much

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It's good that you have a lot of experience in what you do, however, experience is not enough. You should invest time in writing excellent cover letters. Additionally, consider making your profile as strong as possible. How? go ahead and put in the work to research. To begin your job search on Upwork, first, open the website on your desktop. Then, navigate to the search option located on the top right corner of the page, and enter your skills. Next, research both the demand and supply sides of your niche. On the demand side, look for clients who are hiring and take note of the words they are using and any specific requirements they have. On the supply side, go through the profiles of other freelancers in your niche. Read their profile descriptions and reviews to identify what clients like about them. Take notes of all the information you gather. Finally, use the notes to craft a unique headline and description for your Upwork profile - Do not copy-paste. I hope that helps! 

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