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No One's Viewing My Proposals!

Hey Upworkers,


New here. And it seems to be a pretty bad start. 


I'm spending my time and connects writing what I believe are decent proposals, but all 3 of them had zero views when I last checked. Below is what my proposals look like. I'd really appreciate any advice on how I could improve my chances of getting hired. 


I’m the writer You’re Looking for

I’m excited to apply for the Website Content Writer/Copywriter position, bringing a unique skill set tailored to your specific requirements. 

My proficiency in copywriting, website content Writing, SEO, blogging, branding, and copyediting helps me excel in crafting search engine-optimized content that engages readers. 

I’m talking about content that satisfies the search query while keeping your web visitors busy interacting with your CTAs. 

I work relevant LSI terms, NLP terms, and entities into your content, making you look authoritative to readers and search engines. This approach has proven successful for me and I've used it grow two websites, one mine, from $0 to $1000 in 9 months.

I bring to the table a proven track record of ranking website content and making money online. If you're seeking unique content that stands out and rises to the top of SERPs, hire me.

Bonus:  I’ll even publish your content for you, write a catchy title and a punchy meta description for free. 


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Hi Peter,


I'm also new to upwork, and I don't think anything is wrong with your proposal. What I found is that the competition is fierce. So, you should expect that some of your proposals won't be viewed because of the high number of received proposals. It's good practice to check the number of proposals submitted on a current job. Of course, the less, the better. Don't take it personally, keep doing what you're doing and something will come up. It worked for me, so I believe it should work for you, too 🙂   

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Hi there,

I'm also a newbie on Upwork. I sent over 10 proposals but none of them got a response. Then, I realized that I was sending proposals to jobs that were too competitive. So, I went back and focused on building my profile with the projects I had done. I also tried to send proposals to jobs with less than 5 proposals and with a client budget of only $5-10. Thanks to that, I have made progress when being reviewed and also completed 2 jobs in the first 3 weeks on Upwork. I'm still trying and when I have the right badges, I think it will be easier to find better jobs. Keep up the good work!

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