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No prior experience

Hello. I just created an upwork profile a few weeks ago (no offers). I have worked in Data Entry my entire life, so the closest document I have on profile is my CV. How is it possible to create a portfolio?

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You can simply create a few documents.

Data entry is very overcrowded, and new freelancers are targeted for scam especially in that area. Read everything about how scammers operate on upwork. 

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The first thing you should do is read this, because you are going to be a prime target for scammers: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Community-Blog/Top-Red-Flags-for-Scams-From-Community-Member-Wes-C/b...


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April, you should understand that as a brand-new FL (freelancer) any unsolicited offers or invitations you receive will undoubtedly be from scammers. The platform is infested with them and they prey on inexperienced FLs who are eager to land their first gig and susceptible to cons. You have to search the job postings, find projects you know you can deliver above 100% satisfaction, and pursue those. First, though, it's important to really understand the platform and what you're getting into.


Data entry is an extremely crowded category and on this global platform you are competing with people around the world, many of whom can afford to work at pretty low rates. To get a sense of what the competitive landscape is like, pretend you are a client and search for the best FLs doing data entry--what kinds of projects are they doing, what are they earning, what do their profiles look like?


Freelancing is a long game. In addition to excellent mastery of a highly marketable skill set, it requires the ability to recognize projects that are excellent fits with your skills; to vet clients and ensure you only get involved with honest professionals; to manage projects and manage client relationships; and above all, grit and perseverence and a thick skin. 


Don't think you can use Upwork (or any freelance platform) as some kind of training ground or a place to explore new disciplines. Clients are looking for professionals, not trainees or dabblers.


Finally, it's critically important to understand how the platform works. This is as good a place as any to start. 

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As others have mentioned, data entry at Upwork is extremely competitive so chances of a new freelancer being hired to do data entry at a decent hourly rate are slim. The one advantage you have is that you're eligible for US Only jobs, so concentrate on those jobs when applying. (Among other things, a US Only Job will have a "Only freelancers located in the U.S. may apply." label in the description.) Regardless, your chances will improve if your profile emphasizes your experience rather than the lack of it. As Phyllis suggested, looking over the profiles of established freelancers might give you ideas on how to market yourself. Good luck. 

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