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Offered a different job in message?

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Brandy H Member Since: Dec 8, 2016
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I applied for a specific job description, then was told that another person was hired for that job but that they would "offer" me a different topic. I told client that I thought they had to set up a new job listing, and they told me , "no. i can just offer it to you here." [in messenger]. Is this standard? How do I ensure it is binding?


They did show me a copy in messenger of the escrow account, but also that they hired another freelancer for the job?

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Kathryn B Member Since: Jul 22, 2015
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As long as they create and send an actual job offer to you that you can accept/decline and fund the escrow amount in that offer, then you would certainly be fine.  I have clients that hire freelancers for several different niches/titles through the same job post.


The key is that they have to actually hire you and fund the escrow payment.

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Brandy H Member Since: Dec 8, 2016
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Thanks for your reply, Kathryn. I was a little gun-shy at all of the scammer horror-stories and the quickness at which I was offered the job. However, the client did issue and official offer in the messages and funded the escrow before I began. They were very helpful and patient and has paid Smiley Happy