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Question about getting paid

Hello.I earned 270$ from my last project that I worked on.Can I withdraw only 5 dollars on my paypal account to check if everything will go smoothly. I also noticed there is only 80$ on my balance account and my first milestone was paid 100$. Where did the 20$ go? Probably the rest 170$ will be released soon since the project was finished 2 days ago.

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Hi Arian,

Thanks for your message. The $20 that you are referring is the 20% service fee of the $100 payment you received from the client. The remaining amount will be released once your client approves the milestone. You can withdraw a certain amount from your Paypal account however, do check with Paypal's minimum requirement in withdrawing funds from your account. Learn more about service fees here for your reference. You can check a helpful article about Paypal fees and timing on this link.

~ Jo-An

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As soon as the funds are shown as available in the reports overview you can withdraw. Please check out the withdrawal fees though! It doesn't make sense to withdraw just $5.

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