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Re: Suspicious client - Help!

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Yulinar F Member Since: May 24, 2017
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So my client was asking for a 60 minutes audio transcription. And it makes me wonder, do Singaporeans speak really fast? I listen to the audio he gave me and it sounds really “unnaturally” fast. Is there any way to confirm or know that he somehow fasten the audio to make it shorter? And what will happen if he really did it? Does upwork allow client(s) to fasten the audio to make it shorter? I know it will not matter if you do the job for hourly rate, because you can easily make the audio to plays slower. But what if it’s for fixed price? Claiming that it’s a 60 minutes video and yet it was actually more then 60 minutes

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "do Singaporeans speak really fast?"


Well... that's pretty irrelevent, isn't it? Because you were not asked to transcribe an audio recording of all Singaporeans or of "average speed Singaporeans."


You were asked to transcribe a single audio file, and you either:


a) were given an opportunity to preview the file before aggreeing to the contract


b) unwisely agreed to transcribe the file before previewing it.


Keep in mind this: Upwork is NOT an audio transcription site. Thus, Upwork DOES NOT have rules about whether or not a client can speed up an audio file (or "fasten" it, to use your term).


This is entirely a matter between you and the client.

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Yulinar F Member Since: May 24, 2017
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Thank you Preston, I should've review the file before accepting the contract. I was too excited for my first job! Smiley LOL