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What happens if a contract runs out

Hi Upworkers.


I was wondering what happened if a contract with a freelancer runs out and it is a fixed price of $15? 


My freelancer has not submitted any work yet but the contract runs out tomorrow. Do I get my money back or how does it work?


Looking forward to your response.


Kind Regards,



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Malthe,


The due date is in place for information purposes and the contract doesn't automatically close after the due date. You may communicate with the freelancer directly about the progress and if they are unable to deliver the product as agreed, you can close the contract, request refund from Escrow and leave honest feedback for the freelancer. If the freelancer submits work and request payment, you have 14 days to review the work and request changes or release the funds to the freelancer manually before the funds are released automatically.

~ Valeria


You should absolutely feel free to close this contract, which will automatically trigger a request for the escrow funds to be refunded back to you.


If the freelancer is honorable, she will immediately approve this request.


If she is dishonorable, then she may ask to receive the $15.00 even though she has not done anything.

What Preston said, although I'd wait until the due date is up... not very fair if they've done 95% of the work and you go cancelling on them before the due date is up. 

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