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Boosted Profiles (Beta): Get noticed faster and earn more

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What changed: We are offering freelancers a new way to promote their profile in a desired category. Boosted Profiles will appear at the top of the “invite freelancers” page for clients who have published a job post or have a current open job. More visibility can mean more opportunities to do work you love.


How does it work: It’s easy to get started with low risk. 

1. Turn on ‘Boost your profile’: From the homepage or your profile, select the pencil icon.






2. Set your bid, budget, and audience: Choose your category, the number of Connects you'd like to pay per click, and your total budget limit. Optionally, you can also schedule an end date. 






3. More visibility can lead to invitations: When your ad is selected, your profile will appear at the top of search results when we prompt clients to invite freelancers to their new job. Clients can view Boosted Profiles after they post a job. You will only be charged if your profile gets a click, which can happen no more than once per client per job post.






Who is impacted: All freelancers have the option to participate in the Boosted Profiles (Beta). 


Release date: October 2, 2023


What does it solve: Boosted Profiles helps freelancers save time and reach more clients. You are no longer limited by the number of proposals submitted.  With Boosted Profiles, you are in charge of improving your visibility for thousands of opportunities every day.