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Freelancer Plus rate change and new perks

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What changed: Starting February 16, 2024, the monthly subscription price for Freelancer Plus will increase to $20. If you subscribe to Freelancer Plus through the Apple App Store, different pricing and conditions apply. Check your app for the latest pricing.

Our mission is to help you achieve your goals with access to cutting-edge technology and exclusive resources. Get exclusive access to 2 new perks designed to enhance your skills and efficiency:

  • Increase to 100 Monthly Connects: Giving you more opportunities to connect with potential clients and land the jobs you want. 
  • Upwork Chat Pro: Now available exclusively to Freelancer Plus subscribers. Upwork Chat Pro is an AI app powered by GPT-4 and enhanced with insights from Upwork data that helps you start and complete your work faster. 

Subscribers will automatically receive these new benefits when their subscription renews at the new price. If you have an active subscription, no further action is required.


Upgrade or make changes to Freelancer Plus: 


  1. Go to Settings › Memberships & Connects
  2. Select Change Plan


Who is Impacted: Freelancer Plus subscribers


Release Date: February 16, 2024

What Does it Solve: Upwork's Freelancer Plus subscription provides freelancers with Connects and tools to develop new skills, increase their visibility, customize their settings to grow their business, and improve their efficiency with AI. Upwork Chat Pro works like a powerful project assistant, helping you brainstorm, review, analyze, write, code, and more to get your projects on Upwork done faster and even better.