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Boosted Proposals are now limited to eligible freelancers

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What changed: Boosted Proposals are available to freelancers meeting specific job criteria to help you rise to the top of the client’s list. To promote a quality match with the client, the boost table appears if you are a relevant match for the job. Eligible freelancers will see this option, while others can apply organically. The boost option will appear during the proposal submission process.

Place a bid when the boost table appears by following the steps below:

  1. Enter a bid amount for the top four spots
  2. Click “bid” and then send your proposal
  3. Check if you’ve won the auction for one of four boosted spots 

Who is impacted:
All freelancers 

Release date:
January 26, 2024

What does it solve?
Boosted Proposals allow freelancers to stand out from the competition and take control to win the work you want. Win more jobs that match your skills and experience.