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1% WHT and then 20% WHT impacting my earnings?

 I was reviewing my earnings and Transaction History when I noticed that UpWork is withholding the 20% of my earnings in Mexican income tax withholding (WHT). 
Although I understand it is the norm if you, as a freelancer, do not submit your RFC information, you are withheld 20% in Mexican income tax. But it should be 1% if you upload your RFC information according to the guidelines. I'm very confused because I already submitted my RFC and know it's accurate, but how can I ensure UpWork succesfully verified it since I don't see any "pending verification" status or anything like that in the settings?

What really confuses me even more is that my first earnings on Oct. 25, 2023 (after I had submitted my RFC), UpWork only withheld the 1% so I assumed my RFC verification was succesful. And now on my pending earnings for Nov. 1, 2023 it is withholding the 20%. 
And just for reference, the earnings for Nov. 8, 202
3 that are in review seem to be withholding the 1% again, like it should be.

Transaction history.png

Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Is it something on my end or is it incorrectly charging me that 20%? And if so, is there anyway to get that 19% difference back since it doesn't seem to be my issue (hopefully a glitch in UpWork's system). And if there's any way to contact tech support, or email or somewhere this issue could be resolved?
Thanks in advance.

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