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Caught in that carousel of "This email is already in use", and "Oops! Username is incorrect."

I'm caught in that apparently common Catch-22 on your website where I just created an account for the first time in my life, then deleted it minutes later to start over again because I couldn't figure out how to fix errors I made during profile creation. But now I cannot use Upwork with that gmail address until you guys unlock it or whatever you do. Like every other customer who wrote in your Help section, I had to create this account just to report the problem to you. Please contact me so we can discuss. Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Pam, 

Just a gentle reminder that users are not allowed to have more than one account on Upwork regardless of whether the old account is closed. It sounds like you would like to continue using the email address associated with the old account. I'll ask the help of the Customer Support Team so that they can reach out to you directly through the email address associated with this account you are posting from so that you can be assisted further. 

Please also ensure that you upload a photo of yourself as your profile photo to abide by the Upwork Terms of Service. 

~ Avery
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