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Getting paid not available



I'm new to upwork.

My Question are


1. I started last Dec 9 and my getting paid "withdrawals" option is not yet approved. already connected my bank. How long will this take? or it's 3 business days?


2. My client wanted to be billed first day and middle of the month. I started last Dec9 and we will be doing fixed 15hrs a week only and time will be manually input since it's output based. I don't want to input my time earlier than the end of the week if I finished the tasks fast since he wants to billed in the 1st and middle of the month because I read somewhere they will be billed automatically after the completed hours are made. 


3. Will my day and time wont matter since I already set up a biweekly payment on my settings since it will follow the upwork schedule of 1st wednesday and 3rd wednesday of the month?


4. Is my funds really be only available for withdrawal 10 days after client is billed?


5. Can I really not be able to withdraw anything below the min 100usd threshold? since no option below 100usd is available.


Hi Maria,


Thanks for posting your questions here. I'll be happy to help:


  1. For security purposes, the payment method you've added will take three days to become active from the date you've added it.
  2. Clients are billed every Monday at noon UTC for hours entered by their freelancers the week prior. This date can't be modified, and the subsequent days, up until Friday the same week, serve as the client's review period. Funds become available to freelancers the following Wednesday after said review period. More information can be found in this article, which further explains how the weekly billing cycle works. In addition, we do not recommend manually entering your hours, but instead tracking your hours using the Upwork Desktop app since manually entering time does not qualify for Payment Protection. If your contract is more output-based, you may want to explore the Fixed-Price contract option.
  3. I'm not sure I fully understand this question; would you mind explaining it further?
  4. Correct, this is further explained in the weekly billing cycle article I shared in answer to your second question.
  5. You can manually withdraw an amount under $100 by clicking the "Get paid now" button on your Get Paid page. However, $100 is the minimum you can set for automatic withdrawals.


I hope this helps, and don't hesitate to let us know if you have additional questions. 

~ Luiggi
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