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[HELP] ICICI Bank IFSC Code not available on Upwork

I'm trying to add my ICICI bank to Upwork but Upwork doesn't identify my bank through IFSC Code. 

I've been trying to reach support but the Get Help button was grayed out. 

The missing IFSC code: ICIC0003373


Hi Shirishkumar,


We’ve escalated your community post to a support ticket. One of our agents will be in touch with you soon to assist.


**Edited to add**


Please also check this help article for more information about the correct format of the sort codes. That said, since some banks aren’t in our database or have recently changed their information, your bank details may not be recognized. In that case, you can enter your bank information manually by selecting the "enter branch address manually" option. On the pop-up that appears click "enter it manually."​ Once clicked, a new form will appear to let you enter your bank details. You may want to re-confirm the sort code and other information on file with your bank before entering changes manually in order to avoid potential problems with withdrawals.

~ AJ
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